The deadline to file homestead for 2019 was March 1, 2019. We will begin to take applications for tax year 2020 on May 1, 2019.

To qualify for Homestead Exemption (F. S. 196.031), you must have legal or equitable title to the property, as well as occupy and make the property your permanent residence as of January 1 of the filing year.

Applicant(s) and spouse must provide the following Florida residency information:

Florida Driver's License showing permanent residence address (please make sure this is updated before you file)
Florida Vehicle registration
Nassau County voter registration (if you are registered voters)
Social Security number
If you or your spouse is active duty military please provide your LES showing FL as your state of legal residence.

If you own property outside of Nassau County, Florida you must provide proof of cancellation of any residency required exemption or homestead exemption. This includes but is not limited to STAR in New York, 2.5% in Ohio, Primary Residence in Maryland, Lottery & Gaming Credit in Wisconsin and Owner Occupancy in South Carolina. *Almost every state has a residency based property tax exemption.

If you or your spouse is not a United States Citizen, please upload a copy of residency (green) card.

If your property is held in a trust, please have the following documents from the trust paperwork ready to upload:

Title Page
Succession of Trustees
Section Regarding Homestead
Signature Page
Please apply for homestead exemption in one of our office locations if:

You already have homestead exemption and wish to apply for any additional exemptions (Widows/Widowers, Disabled Veteran, etc.)
Your parcel is confidential
You are applying for Homestead Exemption on a mobile home
You are filing after the March 1st deadline for the current year