Homestead Exemption - Disclaimer
Welcome to the Nassau County Property Appraiser's Online 2021 Homestead Exemption application!
To qualify for Homestead Exemption (F. S. 196.031), you must have legal or equitable title to the property,
as well as occupy and make the property your permanent residence as of January 1 of the filing year.

Please allow up to 30 days from the recording date of your deed for our office to process your deed.
If the March 1st deadline is approaching, please visit one of our offices to apply for Homestead Exemption in person.

Applicant(s) and spouse must provide the following Florida residency information:

• Florida Driver's License showing permanent residence address issued or replaced by January 1 of the filing year
• Florida Vehicle registration
• Nassau County voter registration (if you are a registered voter)
• Social Security number
• Parcel number for property

If your property is held in a trust, please have the following documents from the trust paperwork ready to upload:

• Title Page
• Succession of Trustees
• Section regarding Homestead
• Signature page

If you meet any of the following criteria or if you wish to apply for any additional exemptions (Widows/Widowers, Disabled Veteran, etc),
please visit one of our three office locations to apply:

• You are applying for Homestead Exemption on a mobile home
• You are filing after the March 1st deadline for the current year
• Your parcel is currently in a confidential status
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