The Tax Estimator allows you to calculate the estimated Ad Valorem taxes for a property located in Nassau County.
  1. Choose a tax district/city from the drop-down box (selections include the taxing district number, the name of the district/city, and the millage rate used for calculation)
  2. Enter a market value in the space provided
  3. Press the ''Submit'' button.
The results displayed are the estimated yearly taxes for the property, using the last certified tax rate, without exemptions or discounts.
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  (Contact the Property Appraiser’s office for an estimate relating to service related disability)
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Estimated Taxes
The taxing district you choose is connected to a specific tax rate for that area. The tax rate is referred to as the millage. The millage varies by taxing district within the county. Each taxing district's total millage is comprised of individual millages determined by multiple taxing authorities operating within that district. Business owners & home owners are subject to the same millage rate within a given tax district, except where exempted by Florida Statute(s) or local ordinance(s).


The estimates above are based on information that you have provided and are calculated using a hypothetical example. These estimated values and tax amounts may not fully represent the actual assessed values nor the total ad valorem taxes and non-ad valorem special assessments for any given parcel. Neither the Nassau County Property Appraiser nor the web hosting provider warrants or certifies the accuracy of any values or tax amounts on this page.

The millage rates used to calculate the estimated taxes are the 2023 TOTAL MILLAGE RATES for the applicable taxing districts.